should I try the EM5? Is it worth it?

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Re: Two things

Fanboy talk and why not. You like the OM-D, good (I'd hate to think someone would spend that amount ... any amount ... on a piece of electronics and not get on with it. For some the extra features come in handy, for others ... they are at worst pointless but they certainly dont diminish the perceived value of the product. It still doesnt exactly change that a G3 is almost a third of the price and a GX1 or GH2 is still almost half the cost. Horses for courses.


texinwien wrote:

First, the original poster asked what the differences were between their GX1 and the E-M5. Maybe you don't consider that a reasonable question for someone to ask on a camera gear forum, but it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Second, there are plenty of times when a wider DR comes in handy. If your sensor is apt to blow out highlights on the bright end, but also doesn't handle shadows well, you're going to be limited in high contrast situations. That may not be important to you, but it's an important consideration for plenty of photographers.

Maybe you weren't aware that this is a forum about camera gear. What better place for product masturbation is there?

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