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jon lake
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Re: Question to pros on this photo

You don't really need a pro to answer this!! What you do need is an understanding of hyperfocal distance and basic exposure. If the apature is too small, you also run into problems with defraction. To compensate for a smaller apature, you need either a longer shutterspeed which requires a tripod to stop camera shake or you need to increase your ISO. These are your only options.


GIR2012 wrote:

Using MenM's photo here as example for my question. When we use DSLR, we have shallow DOF. How to get wide DOF - I understand we may have to use narrower aperture like increase the f stop. But, when we increase the f stop, the light will be reduced in the pic.

What other techniques can we use to get wide DOF in a landscape pic or scenery, yet see that light is adequate?


MenM wrote:

Hello everyone, I'm new at this site. I am a beginner and I would like some comment on this photo, so I can learn to improve.

I personally like this picture, but I'm curious what you are thinking about this one.


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