Nikon 'forgot' GPS/BlueTooth on D800...

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Nikon 'forgot' GPS/BlueTooth on D800...

...and even the grip (MB-D12) has no BlueTooth and/or GPS functionality.

So, I decided to add it myself.

Already had some experiences with all-in-one GPS units on my D200 and D700 (e.g. Geopic from Custom Idea and the GP-1 from Nikon).

These GPS units connect directly to the 10-pin connector on the body and you attach the unit itself to either the hotshoe on top or with some velcro to the camera strap.

It works, but I still find it cumbersome to get the 10 pin connector correctly inserted. I can't get my fingers between the narrow space of the lensmount and the connector itself.

I found a very tiny BlueTooth module, which you can directly plug into the body of the DSLR and use GPS BlueTooth capable module to get the GPS data directly to the camera.

From I bought an AOK-4N BT adapter for Nikon. This is currently on sale in different webshops locally (older type) for just about 40 euros.

Then I needed a small GPS module and found a (second hand) Holux M1000 on a local eBay-like website for just 25 euros.

There is a slight issue with the casing of the AOK-4N, I adapted it a little bit, so it fits exactly straight into the 10 pin connector. I also attached a small cord to it, as not to lose it.
Then it looks like this after I sanded a small skewed part of the casing:

Otherwise it would conflict on this spot with the lens mount on the D800:

Al together you would end up with this combination. The D800 with the AOK-4N BT adapter inserted and somewhere near, the Holux M1000 GPS module:

The weight of the AOK-4N is just a few grams. And the Holux M1000 weighs about 50 grams. I put the Holux M1000 somewhere in my camera bag, coat, or pocket.

You switch on the Holux, and then the body and after a few seconds they are connected and you will see the 'GPS' marking appear on the top-LCD. And that's it! Every image you take is automatically saved with GPS coordinates in the EXIF data.
No software to configure, nothing to it. Just switch on and it works.

I can hardly see any excessive battery drain from the AOK-4N BT adapter. And the internal battery of the Holux M1000 keeps up approx. 24 hrs continuously. Replacement Li-ion batteries for the Holux M1000 can be found on eBay for just a few dollars/euros.

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