Nikon D800 problems?

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Re: Nikon D800 problems?

Rich757 wrote:

I've just done my first shoot with the D800.

I was led to believe it would be everything the D700 was, with a few extras, higher resolution, etc.

On the shoot I noticed the screen was lacking in contrast with a slight green tint sometimes. My D700 screen is always contrasty and give you confidence that you have got the shot, and is more faithful to the actual photo you have shot.

I notice the green lcd only when shooting under florescent lights. These bulbs have been quickly replacing incandescent bulbs and are not full spectrum. This has been mentioned many times in this forum, and other places.

With focusing, you worry that you don't always get perfect focus with the D800. Is it more difficult to focus with a higher resolution camera and is there less depth of field? I even read somewhere you should use a higher shutter speed to get sharp photos

When looking at 100% pixel view of high res images, getting the focus right and higher shutter speeds correct is much more critical. Again, this has been discussed to no end everywhere. Do you print your photos at the same size and notice a difference in sharpness?

The shutter makes a louder noise when pressed than my D700 and the quiet mode is not any quieter?

The D800 body does seem to be less "dense" to me... maybe that has something to do with it.

At the higher iso settings it seems grainier and not as good as D700? I read that if you downscale, this improves? Low light/ high iso grain on D700 was minimal, great, how could the D800 be worse, it is an updated model?

Pixel for pixel the D700 may have better noise performance... but everyone seems to agree that at similar print/viewing sizes the D800 at least matches the D700.

With the raw options in the menu, such as choosing compressed or lossless compressed, it does not increase the number of images available for shooting when you choose this. Nikon technical support said it should do that. If I shoot in RAW then, there is only one setting, so I have to have massive external drives to store them. A RAW compressed option should be a smaller file size?

File compression is based on the information. Nikon can't predict how much an image will compress, so they take the worst case scenario and show that too you. As the memory card fills, you will notice the number of images is exceeding the original prediction.

How do I know what else is wrong with the camera, or if, indeed, anything is wrong with it? Maybe it's a matter of getting used to the camera.

I think you need to challenge yourself to have your skills meet the potential of the camera. My main issue with the D800 has been the fear of having too many large files on my hard drive. I am spending much more time reviewing and deleting photos in camera, and going through the images in Lightroom and discarding shots that are not true keepers. I see this as a good approach in general, although it can be time consuming going through the raw images after downloading.

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