NEX 5N hotshoe adapter (Cont'd)

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NEX 3, 5, AND 5N nexproshop's hotshoe adapter w/PC connector

wll wrote:

I have electronic first curtain on and a shutter speed of 250 is a no go. I'll check later to see if 250 can be used if electronic first curtain is turned off.

Potemkin_Photo wrote:

For that reason it will be hard in practice to use this adapter on a camera other than the 5N.

Experience on NEX-5: without a Sony flash attached, you cannot adjust anything for flash, but WB can be set to flash. I find it strange, what entries that seems to cause in the EXIF. The time used 1/250s and 1/320s, with 1/250s no problem - sample pictures from that, their EXIFs, and also pictures of the adapter dismantled can be found here: - and additional pitfalls of this adapter.

All 14 pins with solderpads and a little spare room are available within this adpater (anyone wanting to connect mikrophones, a monitor, ... ?)

Some help for a workaround of the (totally) dark LCD screen: using an old lens, some have a third ring, functioning as an F-stop for a preset apterture position, after focusing/composition with open aperture, this permits to turn the apterture ring blindly to the desired position, being stopped by the preset ring. e.g.

Another help are lensadapters which support putting the lens manually from open to working aperture, similar to an automatic aperture system. e.g.
Overall, a modification of the Sony flash should be the better solution.
ciao Mizzi

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