Not excited about my D800

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Sounds like buyers remorse?

we all get it at some point

Either way.....the D700 is an amazing camera. And for what you say....IF you dont print (I dont too often) then even 12MP is an overkill!

I've done exactly what you have.....I've been using the D3S for the last year...and love it.....BUT when i got it....and even now.....the images do not 'blow me away' even the lower I know its one of the best in low light....most of my stuff I take is on good light

BUT for £3600 for the body.......I dont see much improvement over my old D700.......regarding IQ alone.

I'm not a full time pro.....but use the Nikon 2.8 holy trinity of lenses. Even though I can be creative with these lenses (blurring backgrounds etc) I often think and know I could get virtually the same images with my old D700 / 28-300 combo.

And have over 4 grand back in the bank! But...... I stuck with it....

Regarding yourself......IF you feel the need top sell and go back to a new D700, then so be it bite the bullet and do'll feel happier in yourself

There's nothing wrong with buying so called 'better' then realising you loved what you had.....I've done it more than once

You really do not need those huge 36MP files if you view 90% on screen.

My advice.......get a new D700 A BRILLIANT camera, less money , more manageable files........ and stick with it for a few more years

Just how I see it.....

Cheers. Jonathan.

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