Not excited about my D800

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Sound to me like a better fit will be the rumored D600?
If it does 8fps , I might be a buyer.

I love the D800, but also understand what you are saying.
and because of that , I am waiting to see if the D600 is 8fps.


Absolutic wrote:

I've had my D800 since March and so far I have not been overly excited about it. I read all the specs and all the glorious reviews. The truth is I realized that I don't really need 36MP. I was fine with my D700 12MP and loved that camera, the AF was great, I had 8fps with a grip, it had levers to switch from single to continuous AF, instead of pressing some button in front and scroll wheels through myriad of modes.

I got D800, but I am not sure I am using all of its features. I very rarely print photos (once in a blue moon, upon vacation) so most of my use is online archiving and sharing with friends and family. The AF I don't find better than D700. The battery life is worse. The video is a nice bonus, but my $650 Sony NEX-5n does 1080p/60fps and has silent AF at the same time and the video quality is better (at least to my eye).

the 36MP files are eating my hard drives. I spend $3K for the camera and I feel I should be enjoying it more than I am doing. I even thought about trading it for Canon 5DM3 (I have some nice Canon lenses, including the excellent 70-200 F/2.8 IS II) but I keep reading about how terrible 5DM3, how soft the images are, how its dynamic range is only 11EV vs 14.4EV on D800, how its JPEGS are mushy, etc., so I feel I have a much better spec'd camera in D800, yet there is no love affair there. Perhaps I am one of these for who D800 was not intended?

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