GH2 blown highlights

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Re: GH2 blown highlights - LGV 14-140mm lens characteristics

jetty12 wrote:

Why do you use (f5.6-f7 range).in good light,in good light i never go anywhere near those settings.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

It has nothing to do with her problem, but f5.6-f7 is probably around optimum sharpness for most lenses - why do you never go near them?

In fact, the LGV 14-140mm lens-blur (in BxU) as tested by (on a GH1, and with in-camera JPG distortion corrections applied) looks to be lowest between F=5.6 and F=8.0 in the range of 25mm - 50mm Focal Length. Further, at 50mm, the minimum F-Number possible is F=5.5.



Additionally, the OP likely needs all of the DOF that they can get at FL=140mmm (where the DOF is no less than 100 times thinner than when FL=14mm). DOF is reduced by the square of the ratio

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