How to access underside of Perfection 1200 scanner glass?

Started Apr 12, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Scanner profile

Bob Collette wrote:

Just as you can build ICC profiles for a monitor or a printer, you can also build them for a scanner. Typically, you scan a special target such as an IT8 or Kodak Q60 target. The target has a large number of color patches on it. Along with the target, you should also get a reference file for that target (usually for the batch of targets from which yours was taken) that contains colorimetric measurements of all of the color patches in the target.

  • I never heard of an IT8 or Kodak Q60. I'll google them.

  • What is meant by the reference file for that target? Is it made of paper or is it a software file?

  • What is a colorimetric measurement?

It sounds like a Color Munki or one of those things is needed. I have a Datacolor Spyder 3 which works for monitors but it doesn't calibrate printers. Datacolor makes a separate device for calibrating printers.

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