Need focusing advice (D90)

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Re: Need focusing advice (D90)

Priscilla Messinger wrote:

I have been photographing a hawks' nest for the past couple of weeks using my D90 with 70-300D lens set on a tripod, using corded shutter release. I have been having a problem getting a good focus on the adults approaching and leaving the nest. There is no time for manual focus, as it takes split-second reflexes just to press the button to get the shot as they come and go without warning.

Today I got what would have been a great shot with the parent approaching the nest with a chipmunk in its talons, but it was out of focus.

I have tried dynamic area and auto area, and neither has yielded a really sharp focus. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (I would show a picture, but can't upload to DPR at the moment.)

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Hi there, two suggestions I have but I'm not sure how effective these would be, I'm no pro, just ideas.

1. Have you tried the 3D focus tracking on the D90?

2. If you are struggling to get the shot in time with autofocus, try focusing (either auto or manual) beforehand on a set point, then letting the subject come to you and take the photo at the opportune moment when they come into the area in focus.

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