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D3200 vs D800 vs 5D3

You wrote an interesting comment about D800 DR.

Out of curiosity I was checking out D3200 files vs 5D3 in DPR images and noticed that this camera seems to be doing pretty well in capturing details at 24mp. It is about 1-1.5 stop less in IQ when compared to the latest canon too. Which is not a small feat for a 24mp APS-C sensor in a

Nikon seems to be making strides and hopefully if they can somehow bring out a D400 DX version with extra DR, higher fps.....

FTH wrote:

I own both camera, the T2i, Nikon D3200 and also, nikon D5100. I mainly purchased the D3200 to sell my T2i which I primarly used for video. In this regard, the T2i offers about the same options but is a bit more instinctive (direct controls on screen) but the comparison stops here : I am amazed by the output of the little 24MP APS-C sensor. Nikon apparently found the perfect alchemy by putting Sony magic sensors bellow very well optimized AA filters to obtain the best compromise between definition and moire.

Actually if you use the camera at 100 iso and develop your shots via Capture NX, the quality and dynamic range will be about the same as on the D800.

The only little bugs are the fact that the D3200 doesn't offer auto-bracketing, mirror lock-up or time-lapse. Video seems to be starting at 200 iso (stills at 100) and you cannot add any self-made picture controls to the actual list. (you may change the ones offers though)

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