Olympus PEN E-PL1, need advice on lenses/adapters

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Re: Olympus PEN E-PL1, need advice on lenses/adapters

toshvan wrote:

Tnx, I was thinking about the same about buying E-PL1 with the bundled Zuiko 14-42 lens.

Besides Ebay, where should I look for some cheap used manual focus SLR lens?

I glanced the "For sale" subforum here, but it seems that ppl here mostly deal with high end stuff and I;m looking for some cheap though serviceable manual lens.

Ebay is okay for lenses, but people overvalue them. You can usually pick up 50mm f1.7 (or f1.8) for cheap on ebay by searching for 35mm SLRs that come with lenses. The going rate for a Canon T50 with a lens or two is ~$30. That's cheaper than the lenses separately. Minolta MD mount stuff is widely available and inexpensive as well.

Ebay is also cheap for the m43 adapters. But while you'll save money that way, you'll usually have to wait for them to be shipped from China. So check out Amazon too.

But before you purchase an Ebay lens, you should always check on KEH.com first. They have tons of lenses for all of the major mounts and good prices. Also, in my experience, you always get your stuff in better condition than they indicate. Even their "BGN" lenses (bargain-- big discount from new, like new, excellent) are better than a lot of ebay lenses in which the seller states that everything is in excellent condition. A lot of non-OEM manual focus primes from KEH are under $40. It's nice to get something like an excellent Vivitar 200mm f3.5 for almost nothing.

Good luck!


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