Got Panasonic 12-35mm/f2.8 ship date

Started May 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
DavidF Regular Member • Posts: 375
Re: Got Panasonic 12-35mm/f2.8 ship date

You might be right, but before I finally found the 25mm, I contacted Pan USA and it seemed to me they couldn't get an answer from the home office in Japan, but that was just my impression.

Whatever their reason, it does not serve me when they are so secretive. If I can find out when, I'm usually willing to wait, but if they make it a guessing game for me, I'll look to other makers to find what I need.

As an aside, I really like the 25mm Pan lens, but I don't think it's worth $540 US and I don't think it's as good a lens as the less expensive 45mm Oly.

Best, David.

Brian Caslis wrote:

I don't think this in necessarily Panasonic, but Panasonic USA. They seem to have a long history of complete supply incompetence since other countries seem to have much less trouble getting products.

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