Which 5D to Sell? Mk1 or Mk2?

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Re: Which 5D to Sell? Mk1 or Mk2?

Mark II of coz, 5D Mark I, keep it for static and studio

Phiegze wrote:

Maybe I'm just to tired to think straight, but I can't decide which one of my 5D bodies hold onto when I upgrade to the MkIII.

Both have just been serviced (though I didn't get the shutter counts, I think both are mid life). The 5D1 is so cheap I'd hardly get anything for it and if I use it with the new (rumored) 40MM pancake it would be a hand tote around camera I wouldn't be overly worried about regards theft and damage etc. How ever it does NOT micro adjust lenses so that is a huge drawback.

On the other hand I If I keep the 5DII I have to come up with a lot more cash. Also I am wondering if I would be happy keeping it - vs the Mk1 - because of the higher mpx count; or would I just be frustrated at it's poorer autofocus and never use it? Maybe a 40mm on that would be good too. Here I am thinking of daytime street shooting, but then for street shooting I don't care so much about printing large and why lug around an expensive piece of gear in the maybe rain and snow and maybe riskier parts of town.

There are lots of other small things to consider, and I know it's all personal choice, but I'd still like to get opinions to help clarify my (muddled) thinking.

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