AF system of my trusty 7D is not working properly?

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Re: Laughable...

TimR32225 wrote:

Once in Denali National Park, I sat my 300 f2.8 lens down on the seat in front of me on a tour bus, because the bus was half empty and several seats in front of me were vacant. After several hours, apparently dust that circulates through the bus from the open windows had actually accumulated on my front lens element. I had been using a different lens at the time so I had not looked through the lens that had gotten dirty. When I finally did switch lenses, I still did not notice the issue right away. When I figured out what was going on a little while later, I realized that the amount of dust blowing in through the windows must be a lot more than any of us realized. So I know exactly how you feel.

Glad there is not a problem with your gear.

Yeah, that's is something that I have learned and I won't forget again. I am a bit lazy when it comes to clean the dust. Even with my 5D, which has a tendency of gathering a fair amount of dust on mirror and sensor, I fail to keep it always clean... I usually procrastinate the cleaning until I find that the resulting pictures start to show it a bit too much.

But it hasn't occured to me that it could somehow affect af system (?). It is weird.

And I see you have had your funny experience with dust as well :-), also good that no damages have been suffered.

Thanks again for your help.


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