Thinking about OM-D, 100-300 and birding

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Re: Thinking about OM-D, 100-300 and birding

I've been using the OMD with the Panasonic 100-300 for about 2 weeks now. I found it necessary to get the optional grip - it makes a huge difference in handling. I just use the landscape portion (making it a pretty expensive accessory), I'm not a big fan of the vertical grip as I keep hitting the extra Fn buttons and occasionally the vertical shutter by mistake.

I feel like the Panny lens focuses a little more slowly on the OMD than on the G3, and I prefer the G3's smaller focusing area. That said, I've gotten some great resuls (on sitting birds) and I much prefer the OMD's high ISO performance and dynamic range. To get the sharpest pics out of the lens at 300mm it is best to shoot at f8 if you can, but f5.6 can still provide good results (and pretty narrow depth of field).

I haven't really attempted shooting birds in flight with this combination, but I wouldn't expect the focus tracking to work well. You might be able to single shot them because the autofocus is quite fast in good light. Manual focus works quite well with the zoom feature on the OMD - I have it set so that turning the focus right brings up the magnified view.

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