Canon 24-105 vs ???

Started May 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
s majesk Contributing Member • Posts: 587
24-105 best bang for the buck

I was ready to fork over the cash for the new 24-70 but,
when I compared it to the 24-105 I was dissappointed.
Why pay good money for a zoom if that's all the zooming you get?
Other than the wide angle aspect, a foot zoom would do just
as well?
The 24-105 on the other hand was quite to my liking.
A stop slower, but better depth of field, a good thing on
a lens that will be on your camera most of the time.
And it's got the benefit of the image stabilization anyhow.
The 24-105 gets a bad rap on these forums for having
mediocre IQ, but it's not deserved.

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