D4 - D800 dilemma

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Nikon Rob
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I'm facing the same decision myself

I've received my D4 and D800 and haven't opened either because I can only afford to keep one (if I actually want lenses). I'm strictly a hobbyist, but it's still an important decision. Unlike you, I also have a gripped D300s, so that weighs into my thoughts. My usage differs from you though, as I shoot:

product photography

I'm not that worried about the 36MP of the D800 - for $1000 I could upgrade everything in my computer to handle it easily. My main concerns with the D800 are the same as most people: low FPS, smaller body (non-integrated grip), worse high-ISO performance. On the other hand the D4 concerns me with the smaller resolution, the inability to have a smaller camera for the times I'd like one, and the cost (more specifically the possibility of a huge price drop if they release the sensor in a smaller body).

Right now I'm leaning towards the D800 because I think I can address all of its weaknesses. I can get 8FPS from my D300s if really needed. I can buy the grip (3rd party hopefully) for my normal use when I want a full size body. I can also down-res high ISO pics to get very similar results to the D4 for indoor non-flash events.

I also was leaning towards the 24-70 for my main lens (I already have a 105 macro and the longer focal lengths covered for products and sports), but now I think I may opt for a decent 24 or 28, and a 50 1.4. Because of crop modes, these two lenses give you basically the same range as the 24-70 if you're willing to settle for 16MP for some focal lengths. They also allow me to shoot at 1.8 for events, or very sharply at 2.8, which the 24-70 does not. My biggest concern is just the missed shots at events from not having the zoom.

So my current thoughts are D800 with a 28 1.8 and 50 1.4 for myself. Even for you that wouldn't be a bad route, and you could get a used, gripped D700 if you want high FPS.

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