Canon 24-105 vs ???

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Tom Melanson
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Re: Canon 24-105 vs ???

Both the 24-105 an 24-70 are very good. The 24-105 and the original 24-70 are just about equal, but the new 24-70MkIIs looks to be better than either based on the graphs.

I have the 24-105 and original 24-70 f/2.8L and give the nod to the 24-70 for ultimate I.Q. Not by much, but it's there. As an all 'round carry lens though, the 24-105 is the winner for sure.

The best of the three for ultimate I.Q. looks to be the 24-70II but only worth it for the pickiest.

What I wanted and most others too--was for the new 24-70 to have IS. I think Canon felt that the IS might have added even more weight and not contributed to better image I.Q. (Might have even slightly degraded it) And would have added to the already very high cost.

For most applications, I think the 24-105 wins.
(My 24-70MkII is on pre-order)

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