70-200mm VRII and Arca Swiss P1 monoball

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Re: 70-200mm VRII and Arca Swiss P1 monoball

Len Schweitzer wrote:

Looking for guidance on the Arca Swiss P1 monoball which I love. I just discovered that that when you try to mount the Nikon 70-200 lens foot on the P1, it requires significantly more effort to fasten it down even halfway and I'm apprehensive that the extra effort to completely lock it down could damage the P1. Have you heard of this? Could it damage the head? Is there a work-around. By the way, it requires the same effort with the Really Right Stuff foot.


Whose plate are you using for the lens? Many 3rd party manufacturers make their 'Arca-Swiss Style' plates wider. RRS for instance, makes their plates 2mm wider. If you have the Fliplock on your P1 You need to adjust the QR to accomodate. Of course, if you have another companies plate on the camera, you need toa djust back...
So best to stay with one companies plates...

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