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Re: The 36mp Nikon D800 at $2999

Cideway wrote:

Vaards wrote:

Of course 645d is different than d800. Although provided sample is from iphone category.

Why thank you it is always nice to have ones hard work compared to instagram or iPhone. You can always judge a lot from a 1024x768px 117kb JPEG file (approximately 1/130th of the size of the original JPEG), this was never meant to be a sample of what the 645D is capable of. In all honesty this shoot could have been done with the K5 with similar results, or even with my old DS.

In terms of image quality there is no real image quality advantage at normal sizes especially in these sort of conditions. My thoughts were simply about the feel and quality of the camera as a tool, and extension of the hand.

Agreed completely!!!

Because I am that one person who waits for my 645d deal (I assume after some couple of months used market can be under 6k $ due to Nikon 8000 etc)

But for discussion...

There came troll named Snapper with D800 thread name. He is obviously right and you agree. But then there was other comentator who was caught by troll message - and he was not right. My answer was also little bit trolling style, but also correct - pic seems unsharp and it's harsh contrast, plus its size = possible to take with everything.

Bash first troll, his dumb victim and just then me - second troll!

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