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Re: The Micro Adjustment is a great feature...

I have exactly the same problem, on my 50mm f/1.4. Very frustrating, especially since the 50mm is my favorite "do it all" lens.

ScottieC wrote:

The Micro Adjustment is a great feature... it will not turn a Non-"L" lens into an "L" lens, but it will make a lens perform closer to what the optical engineers intended. Now that Canon has figured out how to MA on both ends of a zoom lens, Canon needs to allow for a third adjustment point for the mid-range of a zoom lens. One a side note, I have a 35mm lens that I MA'ed for close up (Subject is within 10 feet) and it is now sharp, but ask the camera to focus at a slighter farther viewpoint, and the focus is all messed up. I have not quite figured out how to get that to work properly, so essentially, I have to decide how I am going to use the Wide primes.

lynnG wrote:

One of the unique features of 5dM3 is microadjustment for zoom lenses. I think that this feature lone would worth to update. I tried several cheap zooms recently and suprised to find that some cheap zoom lenses are fairly sharp but AF calibration in the two zoom ends are different. One example is the old 70-210mm F4. Most reviewers for this lens indicate that the lens is sharp between 70-150mm and soft at 210. I experienced the same thing in the past. I played microadjustment using my 5Dm2 and found that I could get very sharp pictures if I use -2 for 70-150mm and +16 at 210mm. However such a calibration is not possible to use for 5dM2 in practical use. I had to do microadjustment every time when switch to the long zoom end. The ability for microadjustment for both ends of the zoom in mark III completely changed game. I can now obtain sharp images of this lens in the whole zoom range. I also tried this with cheap EF 70-300 III. I had this lens for several years and only used it once before I bought 5Dm3 since it was too soft. After calibration of both ends of the zoom (-9 at 70 and +20 at 300), it became reasonablly sharp and is now my low light travel lens.

My old Nikon lens 70-210mm F4 behaved in a similar way and requires different values of microadjustment in the two zoom ends. However my Nikon D7000 simply could not do this. I do not think that the new D800/D4 could do this. It appears that Canon 5D mark III is the only camera on market whcih could do zoom AF microadjustment. From my point of view this feature alone would be wothwhile to update. It will change many cheap zooms into high or reasonable quality lenses.

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