D800 and Eye-Fi

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Re: D800 and Eye-Fi

Take a 5 pictures and wait a 5 minutes for them to upload? Are they kidding? I capture dozens or more images with the wireless USB solution (any camera that supports tethered USB shooting) and my images upload instantly and wirelessly without a network - even the full size RAW images within a second or two. I can't believe people would put up with such unworkable performance that most of these solutions provide. I am using the wireless USB solution this evening at dusk again for a couple's portrait shoot on location on a college campus. I shoot, the images go wirelessly straight to my big bright fast Asus Windows 12" tablet and I and hey get to see the images on the tablet immediately after the shoot or between setups so I can tell if were all happy with the original captures. Done. You can't do that other solutions due to their turtle speed and not at all when there is no Wi-Fi available on location. I'll also be using an Einstein with the CyberCommander, a PLM and driving it with Vagabond mini-lithium - the whole shebang is portable, powerful, speedy, versatile and wireless.


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