Your state-of-the-art 5DMKIII photograph

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Re: Your state-of-the-art 5DMKIII photograph

will you not agree that D800 gives you. Lot more details for landscape photography?

schmegg wrote:

Ferrari_Alex wrote:

Sorry, I was probably not clear enough. If you are a portrait or landscape photographer and you are using 5D MKII, then 5D MKIII is not going to make a big difference. It is essentially the same sensor and there will be not difference in IQ.
Difference comes for those who photograph action due to the improved AF.
This was my point.

OK - I'd agree with that for the most part.

High ISO and AF are, IMHO, the main areas of improvement. Both of which are unimportant for those who shoot static subjects in good light.

But, of course, static subjects in good light aren't exactly going to stress any decent DSLR these days.

So D800 is very attractive for Landscape/Portrait photographers and 5D MKIII for action oriented, I guess.

Maybe - maybe not. I don't see much advantage apart from base ISO DR in a landscape context (sunsets with moving components perhaps - not much else). In a studio doing portraiture I see no real advantage one way or the other (apart from, perhaps, your personal preference for skin tone rendering).

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