Active threads and controversy.

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Re: Active threads and controversy.

The reason not to talk about "equivalent aperture" is that no one ever talked about it in the film days when discussing large format, medium format and 35mm cameras. As a matter of fact we didn't talk about equivalent focal length either.

Equivalent focal length was a concept put forward to ease the transition for AMATEURS from film to APSC digital. Anyone who knows enough (or thinks they know enough) about photography to even comprehend the concept of "equivalent aperture" should by all rights be competent enough to do things like we did back in the old days by referring to ACTUAl focal length and ACTUAL aperture and just mentally take the sensor format into account.

Please let go of this "equivalence" garbage. And if the shooters of a smaller format want to say three cheers for the advantages of our tiny sensors, so F...ING what? Why get such a bug up your but? It is just pathetic.

The SNR of this forum is positively lo-fi.

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