DX format for pros stays

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Re: DX format for pros stays

Oh! D4 does do mega fps, I agree, but not d800. Agree? Maybe a D600 but not likely. Major price jump to D4 so let's keep that out of the practical solutions set for Dx vs Fx.

Does the DX outline of the image in the FX viewfinder cover the whole screen or just the central portion? My impression is that I will see a smaller scale version of my image when I view it in the FX camera. That's a "clarity" or perhaps a personal resolution problem for me. If the FX screen has an optical lens blow up of the DX area to fill the finder, I'd be quite happy (maybe).

Yes, I know the 120-300 is only a Sigma but it's the only zoom that meets my sports needs, and the 200-400 f4 is the only replacement I can find ( in one zoom lens ) for an FX camera that gets me back to where I was. I'd love to shoot full frame on the FX camera but find me one with 8 fps that is below the national debt level and comes with no cost 30 year financing on the camera and lens package.
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