Fun with the V1's electronic shutter - baseball

Started Jun 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP jquejada New Member • Posts: 16
Re: Fun with the V1's electronic shutter - baseball

rzass wrote:

Wow! Amazing stuff. These shots alone should prove the doubters wrong about the AF speed in the N1 system. If you don't mind sharing, what AF settings did you use?

Again, phenomenal captures. I would like to see other mirrorless systems try to recreate these shots.

I used Matrix metering, Auto ISO to 3200, shutter priority from 1/2000 to as fast as 1/13,000 to try and get sharp seams on the baseball. Aside from the fast shutter speed the 60 fps allowed for many captures of the ball during the decisive moment. Very fast indeed. Not sure what else is out there that has this kind of pure speed. Thanks for your kind comments.

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