Why should I choose a K-5 over the NEX-5N?

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Why should I choose a K-5 over the NEX-5N?

Not trolling, making a purchasing decision for a second body and I'll post this in the NEX forum too Leaning towards K5 but NEX could be used by my wife, however likely to be used in some very dusty environments.

Been reading around for a few days and these are the pros and cons I've gleaned so far.

Pros for 5N :
widest possible legacy MF lens support
articulated screen
Much more flexible video mode
Focus peaking for MF (may be less useful than first thought)
Smaller (advantage lost when I put the 80-200LD IF adaptall on it )
Very good burst mode (not too important though)

Cons for 5N:
No IS with MF lenses
Sony lenses are limited, apparently of debatable quality and very expensive
Changing lenses exposes sensor to dust.
Live view always on = sensor overheating risk?

In dark environments constant live view could be unreasonably distracting for others.
More severe rolling shutter effect than most

Get the feeling the 5N really needs the OVF to be a complete camera, making it a bit more expensive than the K5.

Pros for K5:

In body IS (seems a very significant advantage in my use case since I'll be using MF mid range telephoto)
Proper flash support
Slight (if small?) IQ advantage
Generally faster operation
Better AF (though will be using MF lenses in the first instance)
Optical viewfinder
External pic input

Cons for K5:
Larger, less wife-friendly
Bloated (though high quality) video encoding
Mono inbuilt mic
No audio level control (IMO a very serious limitation for video)
Imminent upgrade due

I'd like to invite a constructive discussion. I think these are both great cameras in their own ways but neither one is quite ideal in every way so I'm trying to work out which is the best compromise. If the K5 had focus peaking and audio level control / more space efficient video encoding there'd be no competition.

If I'm honest I'm tempted to pick up the 5N so my wife can use it but there are many reasons to choose the K5 instead. Plus of course I could take the 5N body along in a pocket and attach the same MF lenses to that and my existing body Though I gather the K5 is not that large either.

Pentax K-5 Sony Alpha NEX-5N
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