D40 is awesome!

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Re: D40 is awesome!

thanks again - now its out of action I miss my D60 ...

Prairie Pal wrote:

I think I have some specs on the D60 sensor

Do you do your own sensor swabbing?

haven't tried that - if I get my D60 repaired Nikon will do that at the same time I think.

  • Base ISO 100 on the D60. As I use this camera for walking and hiking I'm usually shooting in bright sunlight and trying to keep the aperture big for isolation.

Does the difference between 100 and 200 make much difference?

  • The 10 mpx is a small but noticeable difference in real life application, but really only when printing. I like cropping.

but is the downside reduced high(er) ISO noise?

I'm not sure what you are asking, but ISO to ISO I can't tell the difference in noise, other than ISO 100 on D60 seems cleaner and richer than ISO 200 on D40. I don't have any D40 files left on my computer other than my sisters small jpg files that she has taken now that the camera is in her hands.

From some samples I have seen you can get cleaner images at ISO 1600 from the D40 (see http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/D3000/D3000A.HTM vs D3000 and D60).

This puts me off D3000 as an option (if D60 dead). On the other hand the D3000 9 pt focus system, which I think is a bit better, might be more useful to me in real life than pusing low light limits.

As far as WB and color accuracy goes, I can't distinguish between the two.

If you were to choose between the D40 and D60, which one and why? Sounds like you favour the D60 ?

Yeah I favour the D60 I guess. The only real strong point for the D40 to me was the 1/500 flash sync.

This would be useful in trying to stop motion of kids etc.

Oh well, I should just spend the $50 and see what Nikon says.

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