Scanner for 35mm negs?

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Re: Scanner for 35mm negs?

RedFox88 wrote:

Scanning at higher dpi does not take up more RAM for stored files. Plus windows uses a swap file 1.5 times the amount of installed RAM. Don't be concerned about RAM for this question.

I might have been misunderstood. Of course more pixels doesn't use up more RAM for storage, that makes no sense. I meant that more pixels use up more RAM when one can dispute that. Also, you are partially correct in the swap file usage. Both Windows and Mac OS X employ swap files automatically, but if you are editing a scan in Photoshop, Photoshop will employ its own scratch file in addition to the OS's. But you cannot talk as if that swap file will always help you, because some filters and operations require real and not virtual RAM. If you scanned so many overkill pixels that you can't perform the next operation because it needs a sufficient amount of real RAM, no swap file will help.

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