FF vs APS-C vs 4/3 (mFT) vs compacts vs cell phones at base ISO

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Re: Lol...

Great Bustard wrote:

A high end full frame could capture enough DR in one shot while a compact might have to take a bracket of 3-4 shots. That could mean the difference between it being practical to have people in the frame for your shot and not.

You know, for example, that the Canon G12, a compact, has 11 stops of DR, as does the 5D3, right? You also know that the D7000, which is 1.5x, has 14 stops of DR, right?

Maximum DR of different formats:
FF: 14.4 (Nikon D800)
DX: 13.9 (Nikon D7000)
4/3rds: 11.6 (Panasonic GH1)
Compact: 11.6(Canon S100)

While the difference in DR between the D7000 and D800 is too little to worry about, the difference between the compacts and FF is 3 stops--how far apart do you usually bracket HDR shots?

And really, when I get noise in the very flat base ISO image I posted, how do you imagine my camera will do with any more contrasty scenes?

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