Getting XPro-1 tomorrow

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Re: Getting XPro-1 tomorrow

The closer you are to the subject the more effective the EVF becomes for focus and composition.

Don't forget you can quickly switch back and forth between the EVF and OVF. Learn when to switch and don't hesitate switching between finder modes.

Turn off all automatic functions and automated settings. Turn them back on one at a time as you become familiar with the camera.

Set the focus mode to area.

Using the focus and recompose method, is a great way to work quickly. This method used to be common with manual focus film cameras. Not every situation is well suited to the focus and recompose method, but many are.

When practical, use the zoom function to check focus. The zoomed display will show you both sharpness and exactly where the camera focused. Often it is easy to turn the lens focus ring to chek focus.

Turn the focus confirmation audio beep on. This will help you learn how to focus the camera.

Remember that the camera works differently in AFS mode compared to MF mode. And you can use the AF system effectively in MF mode.

Just because you can use ISO 1600 is not a reason to use ISO 1600. An aperture of 11 with a shutter speed of 1/60 because ISO is at 1600 in bright light rarely makes sense.

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