The gear has nothing to do with it

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The gear has nothing to do with it

At least after the fact.

I consider the regularity with which we see, ahem, "discussions" about the merits or flaws of Olympus E, PEN and OMD cameras, and in many cases, the discussions completely miss the point.

Why talk about equivalency as though it's a shoving match? The simple fact is that at any given subject size and equivalent focal length, 4/3 sensors will have more DoF than a "FF" sensor at the same aperture. Some act as though this is a great big deal when in reality, photographers have dealt with this for decades: and the best ones know how to either work around any limitations, use them to their advantage, or avoid them to begin with.

Noise? Yes, there are basic physics which say that in general terms a larger sensor will have less noise dependent on MP count, etc. Again, this is a concept photographers have long dealt with in regards to format and film selection. Again, it's something that has always been dealt with effectively.

What I'm saying is that discussing gear is ok, but put it in context. That context, hopefully, is making photographs as an enjoyable experience. The way I read some threads, some people seem to have marginal, even negative experiences with their gear on a regular basis.

It's not the gear's fault!

Really it isn't. We each, for the most part, made the choice to buy whatever gear we have. If we discovered after the fact that Olympus doesn't do what we want it to do, perhaps we should just recognize that, in some cases, we simply didn't do enough research to make sure what we bought can achieve our goals (this applies to any system).

Or, we may need to consider that we haven't learned enough basic concepts to understand how, and if, our gear can be used effectively.

In either case, the gear, being inanimate objects, didn't necessarily factor into any issues we may be having, except as a result of our own choices, whether they have been well- or ill-informed.

So maybe we all can do more good for each other by taking more time to discuss what we can do with our gear, and less effort on trying to win p* ing contests about the gear itself?

Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.

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