CS5 and SSD and scratch disk

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DDR2 Ram & P5Q SE Plus

Daniel Clune wrote:

Cant really ad more ram as i have all 4 ram slots full with 2 gig dimms. Since its old DDR2 ram I dont want to throw away ram to then ad more. I will wait for next CPU upgrade with DDR3 ram or maybe DDR4 ram wil be out by then. I was waiting for 8 core cpu before I upgrade cpu and motherboard. Motherboard I have now is Asus P5Q SE Plus with SATA set to AHCI.

Oh how do i check what life is left on the 80 gig SSD i have in system now as C drive with Windows 7 64 bit home premium.

I also have a P5Q SE Plus. I know what you mean about the RAM upgrade, but I a few months ago I got 16GB of a matched set of G Skill F2 6400 that OC's nicely. The kicker is that the price was $320! The extra RAM did help, though. I'm using LR 4.1 & CS6.

I can't understand why DDR2 is way more expensive than DDR3.

One other thing - IF you are using a pagefile, you may consider changing it to the 80GB SSD, as well as the scratch disc.

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