My Son: thoughts on composition etc?

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Re: The 4:5 is a different photo. I prefer the original

Thanks for your comments. I guess it qualifies as a 'people' picture then!

I see what you mean about the ladder making if difficult to make him out, and if you didn't know him, or the context, then the photo could conjure up all sorts of questions about how and why he is there and what he is doing! Is that what you meant by 'disturbing'?

For me, having been there to take the shot and knowing my Son, i can see that he is smiling behind the middle rung by the shape of his eyes, and i know that he is hiding away from me so he doesn't have to stop playing in the Fort! I guess like most photos they can mean very different things to different people.

The comments i've had on this so far have definitely made me think a lot more about the photos i take. I just need to put it into practice a the point at which i push the shutter button!

thanks again.

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