Never thought I would buy an E-5

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Re: Never thought I would buy an E-5

veroman wrote:

I own both as well, and both will always have a place in my photography life. The "bulk" of the E-5 makes it less than ideal for simple walk-around shooting in the city, etc. My E-510 and E-420 are both suited to that and other applications where the E-5 (or E-3) would be either too conspicuous or simply too much camera overall.

Considering that the output from any of these Olympus gems is so very similar, I'll be keeping my smaller E's and using them whenever they're appropriate to the task.

I might add that I have not experienced the blown highlights and other so-called issues with either my E-420 or E-510. And both are good to at least ISO 800. With a quality fast lens, these cameras are true gems, in some ways outperforming my larger Canons and even the Nikon D2x I once owned. The handling of the E-510 is superb ... not at all, in my experience, "from another era."

My feelings exactly. The E-510's issues are manageable if you apply the correct settings.

Having spent all of a few hours with the E-5, I'd agree that it "comes easily to the hand" and the weight and size are, if not forgotten, quickly accommodated. I love the big viewfinder, which--let's face it--wiill not be offered in a small camera.

That said, I still think I'd trade it all in for an E-700 resembling the E-510. I have recently tried the Sigma SD14 and Fuji X-Pro 1 and came back to Olympus. One of the reasons is that the user interface is somehow intuitive and familiar. Perhaps this merely says that unlike, say, Fuji, it does not require a lot of instant retraining to switch from the Nikon D5100 (my other camera). I like to carry two cameras when I'm out so that's a factor. But I would like to think that it is something more basic, i.e., that Olympus simply got the size, weight, features, and user interface right with the E-510, nothwithstanding its other problems (notably, defaults too contrasty and oversharpened). Already, I can see that the E-5 delivers on the promise of increased sharpness, and the color is terrific. And so the Panny DMC-L10 will go up for sale and the E-510 will remain as a backup.

Please consider this a progress report.

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