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Re: from fujifilm uk x10

Last time I dealt with Ben Barker at Fuji Uk the service was exemplary. I've also had the email and now the package with which to return the x10. I may have some concerns over the Fuji production line, but the service has corrected anything thus far.

Perhaps they could import some of the customer service ethic from Bedford into their 'product readiness' teams in japan.

So I'll wait and see.

happy snapper uk wrote:

Thank you for registering your camera for a sensor replacement and also for
your patience in waiting for the sensors to become available. I am very
happy to announce that we now have these parts in stock and we can upgrade
your camera as soon as you are able to do without it for a short while.

You will shortly receive some pre-paid packaging with instructions on how
to send your camera to our service centre securely and free of charge.

If you have any questions about this service or anything else to do with
your Fujifilm camera, please call our helpline team on 0844 553 2322 or
email the address below:

Kind regards

Ben Barker
Customer Service Manager

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