AVCHD won't download to PC with PhotofunStudio 5.2

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AVCHD won't download to PC with PhotofunStudio 5.2

Hi there

Strange problem with my Lumix FZ100 and PhotoFun 5.2, hope someone can shed some light please?

We had been happily downloading stills and movies (.mov) onto my PC for a year or more. Then we realised that our recent videos weren't being recognised by the software.

We could play them back on the camera, but PhotoFun couldn't see them when we attempted to download the movies alongside stills in the usual way.

By using Window Explorer, I've since discovered that the movies that are 'stuck' on the camera are no longer .mov files but now AVCHD files.

Not sure why the camera is now shooting video in AVCHD rather than .mov. It wasn't a change we consciously made!

I thought the problem started since we started tending to shoot our still pictures in the Custom mode, as opposed the Intelligent Auto mode we had been using. But even if I shoot video when in IA mode, it's still AVCHD.

We also wondered if the problem was related to us connecting the camera to the TV for the first (and so far only) time, as it seemed to happen soon after. But that sounds a bit far-fetched to me.

There's a good post on a similar subject (and issues around PAL vs. NTSC) but I can't help but think this is a far simpler issue?


Happy to get into uninstalling etc, but am hoping these are daft questions and someone can set me straight very easily!

All help gratefully received. Many thanks.

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