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Re: Exactly what kind of glue?

visoflex wrote:


It was a cyanoacrylate (Super Glue).

Thank you so much. What a mess! Glad it was only a filter.

I have several times passed on the information that if the little lens cover "blades" get bent and don't move properly, one can put a drop of glue on them and prop them open until the glue sets, and afterward use a push-on lenscap.

I always try to mention the warning about "Crazy Glue" and recommend Epoxy. It's nice to know that this warning is accurate. I've not heard anything against epoxy for this use, so far

I generally suggest a 52mm "Kaiser" lenscap from BH for earlier cameras. I did this on 2 different cameras that I purposely bought "as is" with the lens covers damaged, a TZ3 & a TZ5 so as to try those cameras out without spending full price - works great!


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