Full frame lenses + APS-C sensors = What kind of issues?

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Full frame lenses + APS-C sensors = What kind of issues?

Hi Folks,

A while back, you may recall I asked for DSLR camera recommendations, and I was mostly pleased with your feedback. Odd turns of events have occurred since then, and my new camera budget diminished to the point where I went with a used Micro 4/3 and a pair of zoom lenses for a significantly lesser sum than I was willing to spend on a DSLR body and a single lens. I don't regret the decision, as it has me shooting once more and thinking about framing and the mechanics of photography.

Now that I have disposable income once more, I'm looking at DSLR's again. However, as my experience at B&H in New York - as well as your previous comments - have taught me, I'm currently less worried about the body I'm investing in than the lenses. As has been mentioned to me several times by many different people, it's more likely that I'm going to ditch a camera body than a lens in search of better image quality.

I already have a good idea of what focal length lenses I want - a decent all-around zoom and a few primes - but my concern is more about that 'moving on to a better camera' bit where I may [eventually, someday, hopefully] move on to a full-frame camera. Obviously, a lens oriented for an APS-C sensor doesn't work on a full-frame camera.

As the title of my post suggests, all I'm asking is: What difficulties, if any, would I have if I purchase lenses designed for 35mm/FF cameras for an APS-C camera?

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