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Paleriders percentages on LV and LCD review seem to be dead on as I looked into this a few weeks ago. The maximum of 200% in LV is usable but for me 200% sharp focus isn't possible with my lens. 400% sharp focus seems impossible to me. Admittedly, my lenses are not top of the line. Anyone get tack sharp focus at 200% or even higher? If so, what lens/es? (BTW, 1 step back from Maximum zoom in LCD review is 200%)

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Unfortunately, it is also the 100% setting which is poorly displayed when zooming in liveview. It makes it very difficult to assess correct focus.

How do you know when it's 100%? Is there a number somewhere on the display, in Info?

I came to that conclusion by zooming in to the equivalent framing in "playback" mode, where you can clearly see the individual pixels at larger than 100 % magnification. I don't have my camera at hand right now, but I believe the maximum zoom for LV is 200% (one step back gives 100%), and the maximum zoom in playback mode is 400% (two steps back give 100%).

This zoom amount also corresponds to "medium magnification" for setting f2: zoom on/off for both playback and LV modes.

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