Upgraded to a 5DIII from a D700

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Re: Upgraded to a 5DIII from a D700

Emacs23 wrote:
LOL you made my day

Dude, you are a poser ;). Processing photos on tiny laptop screen is not a good idea. But making this a reason not to buy superior product (from the IQ standpoint) is a stupidity at least.

SCR Johnson wrote:

try processing them on a MacBook Air

According to my wife, I am far from a poser as she is consistently unhappy with how I pose the kids for portraits. Regarding the tiny screen, it is still better than when I tried to edit my pictures on my Vic 20 connected to a 10" black and white Magnavox CRT (plus, I have not found any card readers that attach to a tape drive). Regarding the stupidly not going with the superior product, just like I am an audiophile without a "Golden Ear," I am also a photographer without a "Golden Eye." If you put 20 pictures in front of me an asked me to pick which camera took which picture, I would fail miserably. The image quality of either camera would have met my needs. My decision simply came down to other features that I weighted as more of a priority.

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