f4 IS + 135 or f2.8 IS II?

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Re: f4 IS + 135 or f2.8 IS II?

I know it's been discussed a lot, but what's your latest thoughts on the more compact zoom/prime combo or just one big zoom?

Making long story short -

  • The combination of 135 and 70-200/4 is great if you do people and travel (or landscape) photography and can clearly separate them. Then you will take the excellent 135 to shoot events and the lightweight 70-200/4 for travel (or landscape).

  • If you need flexibility of a zoom AND speed, the 70-200 II is almost as good optically as the 135. It is one stop slower, but has very good IS. The lens is big and heavy, but not less comfortable to carry than 135 plus 70-200/4.

  • The only thing where the 135 had considerable edge compared to the 70-200 II in my opinion, was the look of out of focus areas .

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