Dispelling the handheld blur myth.... D800 + 105 VR

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Re: Dispelling the handheld blur myth.... D800 + 105 VR

Andre Affleck wrote:

inasir1971 wrote:

What's your point?

My point is that effects of motion blur is the same, regardless of resolution (in general).

The motion blur is the same. The effect of motion blur is different, if only because the blur can drop the maximum IQ of the denser sensor more, even if the absolute IQ is better for the denser sensor.

The reduction in sharpness (or resolving power) is proportionately the same. People get fooled into thinking that hi res cameras suffer more loss because of the magnification affect of hi res sensors, but it's not true.

If a 36MP camera looses 20% resolution due to motion blur (down to 29MP), then a 24MP sensor would also loose 20% (down to 19MP) for that same motion blur. The loss becomes less proportionate at the extreme ends of resolution, but in general, lower res cameras are not somehow immune to motion blur.

Not true; motion blur does hurt the denser sensors' IQ more, compared to its potential; the confusion comes in when it is assumed that the point of comparison normalizes the potentials.

It's simple when you look at it the right way. The denser sensor has higher potential. It is easier to erode that higher potential with poor technique, mediocre lenses, and high diffraction. However, the same technique, lens, and diffraction will always yield a better resolution with higher pixel density, all other things like mirror slap and AA filter strength (as measured in pixels), remaining the same. You could say that since the denser sensor causes less blur (image blur, not the irrelevant pixel blur), that you can actually get the same quality with a denser sensor with slightly more diffraction, or with a slightly slower shutter speed (especially if the blur is mostly circular).

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