OMD tip - quick change between AF-S and AF-C

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Re: OMD tip - quick change between AF-S and AF-C

What I have found most useful is the one suggested by Gakuranman. Set up your sets for those C-AF shots and those for S-AF shots and save them as Mysets. Then use the one you need most often and assing the other Myset to for example Fn1. When you hold Fn1, you can use the other set and come back to the other when you release the button.

This is good because of couple of things:

1) You can use all those contrasty settings in the set you use when taking action shots to make the C-AF work a bit better

2) If you use for example C-AF more, but need to occasionally switch quickly to S-AF, you can set the Myset for action shots to have a shutter speed of lets say 1/500 to stop the action, but set the Myset for single focus shots to have a shutter speed of 1/100 for example or whatever you want. That's very useful when there isn't too much light and you don't need that fast shutter times, so the IQ will improve.

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