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Rick Knepper
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A couple questions and I suppose I am a Live View Basher

but I do not let the shortcoming get in the way of my using my camera.

I bought the D700 in Aug 2008 but returned it as news of the Canon 5D2's imminent release was breaking and rumors of a Nikon Hi-res camera (eventually the D3x) were getting ever stronger. I noticed that D700 LV was sort of quirky and didn't match features of current Canon models of the time period (I tested the 40D and although LV was just what I needed, the LCD was very poor like my 5D and washed out in bright sunlight) but my "focus" wasn't on LV at the time.

When I bought the 5D2, LV was a Godsend. Also, the LCD itself was a huge improvement over previous Canon models and the D700 (and ultimately too, the D3x, the Nikon I eventually ended up with). The new LCD of the 5D2 had a coating that removed a significant amount of glare from the LCD and made using the feature easier even in difficult light such as straight up noon.

The LCD of the D700 and D3x were better than Canon's 5D and 40D etc, but not as good as the Canon 5D2.

Has the LCD been improved in the D800 series over earlier models such as the D700 & D3x?

Of course, we all know that about the interpolation thing. I use the D3x's AF-ON button to focus with the AF system (this requires a high contrast edge, a condition that may not always exist at the point of desired focus ), then check it at max mag. If I think I can do better, I go for it, play with it, sometimes I choose my interp, sometimes I stick with the camera's interp.

What I miss from the Canon implementation is the Expourse Simulation feature whereby when turned on, the exposure within the LV image, based on the currently selected aperture, ISO and shutter speed, changes as one moves the focus box over different dark and light areas of the scene. The focus box is obviously tied to the metering. The exposure bar also reacts to this movement so that you have two different ways to judge differences in exposure as you move the box across the frame when picking the point at which to meter and focus.

On my D3x and I presume a similar setting on the D800, there are no changes in exposure (becoming lighter or darker) in the previewed image on the screen in LV as I move the focus box around the image from light to dark areas based on the currently selected aperture, ISO and shutter speed. The exposure bar changes a little but not as drastically as one would expect when metering off a very dark spot vs a very light spot.

Do I have this set incorrectly on the D3x and if not, does the D800 provide an Exposure Simulation feature?

Speaking of the exposure/meter bar which in LV on my D3x appears when I press the OK button, the bar does not appear when I have bracketing turned on. Conversely, when the exposure/meter bar is visible, I am not allowed to turn on bracketing.

Do I have something fouled up here in the settings and if not does the D800 allow the simultaneous use of the meter bar on the LV screen when coupled with braketing?

My 1st work-around has been to use Aperture or Shutter priority and since I am bracketing at least 7 images, I end up with an acceptable exposure among the 7. My 2nd work-around when using Manual has been to turn off bracketing, set exposure, then turn bracketing back on - an annoying work-around similar to that in the YouTube videos for the D800 critical focusing in Live View. I prefer working in Manual if I can bracket and see my exposure bar simultaneously.

russbarnes wrote:

What's that all about? Sorry, but I really don't get it. I think the implementation of Liveview on the D800 is superb if used properly. What exactly is it that people are seeing or expecting that I seem to be missing? This is a serious question. Even fredandmiranda seemed to incompetently use it. Am I the only one that's very happy with how it works? I get a very accurate LIVE VIEW of aperture, light and exposure - for critical landscape focus I open up the lens to f/2.8, focus on the critical part of my subject and then drop out the aperture to around f/11. The results are spectacular. What are all the complaints really about?

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