Lightroom 4.1 and point curve fix

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Re: Lightroom 4.1 and point curve fix

Simon Garrett wrote:

Glassfish wrote:

How do you get to see the second picture after the conversion?

What I did (in full gory detail to make sure we're talking about the same thing):

  • the image was originally processed in LR3.6 (therefore, PV2010) and I adjusted the point tone curve

  • imported to LR4.0 (tone curve then ignored if you convert to PV2012, but still there if you don't convert)

  • When I installed LR4.1 RC 1 or 2 (can't rememmber which) it told me it had updated point tone curves

  • Now, (in LR4.1) if I edit that image, still in PV2010, the curve is there, and the image looks the same as if I open it in LR3.6 (still on my machine)

  • The first tone curve I showed is as it appears in LR3.6, or LR4.1 if I leave it in PV2010

  • I created a virtual copy (so I can easily compare before/after)

  • I upgraded the virtual copy to PV 2012. The 2nd tone curve I showed was what I got then.

  • Comparing the two versions of the image, they look the same.

Given the changes in the process versions, the "normal" (medium contrast) tone curve in PV2010, which is a mild S-curve, has the same effect as a linear curve in PV2012.

In other words: an image with the "medium contrast" (mild S-curve) tone in PV2010 looks the same as the same image with a "linear" tone curve in PV2012.

So when LR converts PV2010 images to PV2012, it has to convert the tone curve. In LR4.0, it did not correctly convert curves with user point adjustments. In LR4.1, it seems to be doing it correctly, from my observations.

I see. Thank you for clarification. I did not know that "medium contrast" from PV2010 is equivalent to the "linear contrast" in PV2012. I also observed that the picture is about the same although one in PV2012 has "linear contrast". I did not try any pictures with customer curve yet to see. I assumed in that case the points are preserved? I forgot about making virtual copy for using it to comparison. Thanks.

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