Lightroom 4.1 and point curve fix

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Re: Lightroom 4.1 and point curve fix

Simon Garrett wrote:

Glassfish wrote:


I just upgraded LR 3.x to LR 4.1 expecting point curve fix. I tested on one of the picture that was edited with LR 3.x. The point curve of the picture looks fine but when I choose to use new version the point curve was reset to the default. Is this the expected behavior?

That's now what I find. When I edit a photo that had a point curve set in LR3.6 ("process 2010") then if I upgrade that photo to Process 2012, the tone curve gets adjusted, but not reset to default.

For example, point curve manually adjusted in LR3.6, imported into LR4, still in PV2010, curve with boosted highlights (the curve looks identical in LR3.6):

and after conversion to PV2012:

The picture these curves come from looks identical on the screen before and after conversion to PV2012; I have some photos, generally with a lot of adjustment, where conversion from PV2010 to PV2012 resulted in change in appearance.

Or is this not what you meant?

How do you get to see the second picture after the conversion?

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