OM-D E-M5 Screwy IBIS ? ... Part 2

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Re: OM-D E-M5 Screwy IBIS ? ... Part 2

I did not start this Part 2 thread because I wanted to. The reason why this thread is Part 2 is because the original thread had hit the 150 post limit, and it's not possible to continue posting in that thread. If it was up to me, I would rather there wasn't such a limit, as it makes it more difficult to keep track of a particular topic being discussed.

And I am not sure why you would think I am trying to start a rumor, as I am not the only person facing this issue. I have even brought my cam into Olympus to have it checked, and Olympus Malaysia has reported this issue to Olympus Japan, and I am currently waiting for a response from them.

Tell me, what proof do you want, before you would believe that some of us are indeed facing this issue ? I have the phone number of the service manager in Olympus Malaysia who attended to me, and tested the issue with me. Would you like to call him up and verify ?

Your assumption that any problem must be a user fault is no more credible or scientific. If you actually read every post on the original thread, and click to see the profiles of every one who confirmed experiencing this issue, you will see many of us have been in this forum for years. Do check and see if I have posted ANY rumor thread in this forum prior to this.

So, perhaps you can enlighten us on what you think would be a scientific test that we can use to test and diagnose this issue.

BushmanOrig wrote:

Some of the other posters were more polite in their replies, I battle a little to be that polite when reading posts like this......while back we also saw the repeat of the "I found banding" in the E-M5 posted here and upon asking a little more direct it disappeared....

To me personally the way you formulate your post, the version 2 line implicating you proofed something in V1 and now we go to level 2 is way to slick to create any confidence in your story....

To call for a calm approach while starting a horrible rumor is like the guy stealing my E-M5 asking me to stay calm.....he is a good guy and will take care of it.....;-)

My friend you need to up your credibility... Go read up on how things are tested scientifically, what basic things do you need to build credibility and to get all buy-in into your wild theories and like Detailman said the nerd group are ready to jump in.....

Un- or fortunately we have smart guys on this forum....not all will risk their reputation to run with you on this one.......or lets wait and see who will...


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