Locking exposure on XZ1 - tips ?

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Re: Locking exposure on XZ1 - tips ?

I've used the SCN > Underwater trick to lock focus on a faraway ridgeline, then swing the camera up to take a picture of a moving airplane. Doing this, while the focus is locked, the XZ-1 happily keeps changing the exposure as you move the camera.

But almost all the time, I just don't need to lock focus... because the XZ-1's small lens gives you such amazing depth of field. That wide-angle 6mm (24mm equiv) is sharp from about 18" to infinity. Amazing. And, even at full tele 24mm (112mm equiv), you still have the same DOF as a 24mm wide-angle lens on a FF camera!

Manual mode is sort of a pain, with the goofy magnifier. You can sort of see when it's sharp -- but you are better off just using f/4.5 and focusing 'close enough' without worrying too much about it. The lens' extreme DOF will keep things sharp for you -- this isn't like a FF, where you really have to worry about focus.

IMHO, APS-C and FF photographers should seriously think about moving up to an XZ-1. So much easier!

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